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Non-Transferable is the kind of film that gave me everything I didn’t know I was looking for in a rom-com. I’ll admit to being picky about them, but between the clever script, and cast that are literally tailored (see what I did there?) for their roles combined with the scenery, this movie makes for an unique experience...

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A rom-com script featuring the former Lizzie Bennet, revived by an unlikely but true Buzzfeed story, and partly financed by Turkey’s tourism board is hoping its good fortune continues to transfer today as it helps launch a new distribution platform delivering 4K-resolution streams through a single click on social-media sites...

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Non-Transferable is a very sweet film; there are some great laughs to be had and the cast is incredibly likeable. I love the homage to the ’90s romantic comedy, and for an indie film I think the production is top notch. This is Bradley’s first feature and I really do feel like he has so much potential (and I’m not just saying that because we’ve emailed and he seems incredibly sweet), I also always appreciate a male filmmaker who takes the time to write women well...