The Jigsaw Ensemble

We love to play in the digital sandbox, taking advantage of the unparalleled access to premium talent and innovative technology to build resonate, interactive experiences through meaningful storytelling. 

We've overseen all aspects of production from pitch/development through filming and post-production including all marketing and press strategies, often acting as a much needed buffer between departments and cultivating the relationship between Artists and Brand Sponsors. 

Below are samples of some of the playgrounds we've been honored to help build. If you want to bring long-form narrative storytelling to your audience, let's grab your favorite beverage and discuss our next collaboration. 

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An 8-episode digital series written by and starring Ashely Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) filmed almost entirely on a spaceship set built in the actress' apartment. Jigsaw oversaw literally all aspects of development, filming, post production and licensing; including creation of a Virtual Reality Escape Room Experience putting audiences "inside the show" for a San Diego Comic Con 2018 Activation and Presentation.  

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Set against the rap and startup worlds of Durham, North Carolina, this 10-episode digital series follows an optimistic young man, trying to buy back the house of his adolescent love. Jigsaw was an Executive Producer on the first season of the project.

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The Jigsaw Ensemble has proudly established a cross-department, collaborative initiative at New York University's Tisch School, designed to foster innovation in live performance using digital media and technologies. Each Fall semester, students from the Drama and Gaming departments participate in a Lab project with Spring semester presentations and workshops. 

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X: A Fabulous Child’s Story became one of the most celebrated and iconic works of the unisex era and has since been republished, adapted and shared across dozens of publications and platforms.  To bring the characters to life, we found digital talent who share our passion for gender equality and viral video.


Non-Transferable is a feature length romantic comedy produced across three continents through partnerships with the Turkish Tourism Board, Turkish Airlines, VIP Tourism, Land Rover and The Marti Hotel Group featuring non-invasive, organic placement for travel destinations and services directly within the film.


100 Hours

AECOM and Southern California Association Governments engaged us to produce videos for their 100 Hours campaign to bring awareness to Los Angeles' traffic solutions and strategies.  



Before the term "webseries" existed, the 14 episode "Squatters" found over a million views across every major video sharing site and was named "best indie comedy on the web" by Tubefilter News. The series was picked up as DailyMotion's first Original Comedy and won a dozen awards including BEST COMEDY from both Indie Intertube and ITVfest/STTV.


BigFrame Media hired Brendan Bradley to Produce MysteryGuitarMan's foray into original, narrative content. We hired and oversaw all cast and crew including arranging locations, equipment, specialty props and special effects. "Once Upon" was very well received by the MysteryGuitarMan's fan base, garnering almost 2M views to date and opening the MGM franchise to more high-concept, narrative work. 


After the success of "Squatters," Brendan Bradley was asked to help write and star in a 14-episode series for Comedy Central and MTV Network's former online division ( in a partnership with GameTrailers. This mockumentary shot on location in Las Vegas and was nominated for BEST COMEDY Awards by Indie Intertube and The International Academy of Web Television. 



Partnering under the YouTube mogul, Machinima,  "Crittick" was an experimental review channel focused on audience response and non-traditional topics like advertisements and underwear. The channel expanded to debut comedy series including the LA Weekly nominated Walk of Shame and The Salt Mine.


Machinima hired Brendan Bradley to Produce and Direct a musical parody of the Assassins Creed universe if it was stated off-off-off-off-Broadway. The three song review was picked up by Broadway World, New Media Rockstars, MTV News and nominated for a One Screen Award.


Los Angeles radio icons Frank Kramer & Heidi Hamilton hired me to write and produce a 15, 30 and 60 second spot for their "Save Radio" campaign which announced and promoted their show on 790 KABC Talk Radio. The commercial ran regionally on KTLA, online, and even on the jumbotron at Dodger Stadium.